Fee Policies

  • The term tuition is for a position in the class regardless of attendance.
  • Missed classes cannot be refunded/credited but we can offer make up classes when there is space in an appropriate class. To claim a make up please notify us of the absence prior the missed class.
  • Early payment discounts only apply to full term fees paid prior to the start of the term as per the date on the invoice (does not apply to prorata fees).
  • Prorata fees are only provided for new members starting late in the term or for extended absence due to illness or injury (notification of withdrawal required).
  • Prorata fees are calculated by totalling the number of weeks attended multiplied by an allocation for the classes attended.
    • $19 for a 1.0 hour class
    • $25 for a 1.5 hour class
    • $31 for a 2.0 hour class
  • Membership, registration and insurance fees have been incorporated into the above fee schedule.