• The term tuition is for a position in the class regardless of attendance.
  • Missed classes cannot be refunded/credited but we can offer make up classes when there is space in an appropriate class. To claim a make up please notify us of the absence prior the missed class.
  • Early payment discounts only apply to full term fees paid prior to the start of the term as per the date on the invoice (does not apply to prorata fees).
  • Prorata fees are only provided for new members starting late in the term or for extended absence due to illness or injury (notification of withdrawal required).
  • Prorata fees are calculated by totalling the number of weeks attended multiplied by an allocation for the classes attended.
    • $19 for a 1.0 hour class
    • $25 for a 1.5 hour class
    • $31 for a 2.0 hour class
  • Membership, registration and insurance fees have been incorporated into the above fee schedule.
  • When we cancel classes after invoices have been paid, the fees are recalculated taking into consideration the cancelled classes and any difference is posted as a credit. This credit is then applied to the next invoice. Early payment discount does not apply to recalculated fees.


  • Please finalise your tuition prior to starting.
  • A generous prepayment discount is offered for fees are paid prior to the start of each term – discount date is stated on the invoice.
Volume discount (total for family):Discount
2 classes/wk5%
3 classes/wk8%
4 classes or more /wk10%
Early payment discount:
Only applicable to full term fees paid prior to the start of term - discount date on invoice.
additional 10%

Invoices will be sent out a week or two before term starts with the applicable discounts.


We will calculate the amount and email an invoice to you with the appropriate discounts and adjustments for days on which classes are not run (public holidays, other closure dates) but how the fees are calculated is outlined below for your information.

Please note: invoices, receipts and other club updates are sent from admin@pepgymnastics.com.au – please ensure this email is whitelisted in your email program.

Hours/wkFees for term 1 2022 (9 weeks)
  • Payment may be made by cash.
  • Direct deposit and credit card details are provided on the invoice.

FEE ASSISTANCE – Get Started Vouchers

Pep Gymnastics is registered to accept get started vouchers. Click for more information.