At Pep Gymnastics we improve our members skills in their chosen discipline, strength, flexibility and coordination all within a safe and positive environment.

No classes Saturday 27 November

No classes for Pep Gymnastics on Saturday 27 November.

The Display Day Sunday 28 November will go ahead as planned.

Term 4 finishes 4 December

The last day of classes for term 4 will be Saturday 4 December.

Registrations for term 1 2022

Registrations for term 1 2022 will open early December. This post will be updated once it is open. We are no longer taking registrations for term 4.

Note: All classes will start empty and places will be filled as the registrations are received.

Display Day 2021
We will be running our end of year ‘Display Day’ on Sunday 28 November at the hall. The Display Day is relaxed and fun event to give the gymnasts and acrobats an opportunity to perform for friends and family. It will be an action packed event with classes performing short routines incorporating the skills they can do. Once all displays for a session are finished, medals will be presented to the performers.
There will be 3 sessions offered: Session 1 starting at 1pm, Session 2 starting at 2pm and Session 3 starting at 3pm. There is a limit on the number of participants in each session so participants must be registered 1 week prior to the event.  Registration will be via an online form that will be sent in a separate email soon and posted on the website. If you do not see the email please check your spam folder. We will endeavour to put you into your preferred session but as there is a limit in each session this may not be possible so you may need to attend your 2nd or 3rd preference.
 The event is structured so there is a mix of age groups and all members within a family can be included within 1 session so your time commitment is approximately 1 hour.
Event date: Sunday 28 November
Times: Session 1 starts at 1pm, Session 2 starts at 2pm, Session 3 starts at 3pm.
Cost: $15 per participant (must be registered and paid for prior to the event – an invoice will be sent after registration). No cost or registration for spectators.
Registration process: registrations are now closed.
Closing date for registration is Saturday 20 November.


Standing on beam in Gym Fundamentals class
Boys and girls gymnastics classes from kindergym up to Senior and Adult classes.

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acro trio tuck sit on feet with middle in front support
Our individual acrobatics classes include tumbling and other individual floor skills, and our partner acrobatics classes include balances, pyramids, partner throws and catches.

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Martial Arts – Ninjutsu

Pep ninjutsu class
Learn postures, blocks, strikes, evasions, breakfalls, throws, grappling, restraining and pressure points, following the Taijutsu syllabus of the Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura.

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Adult Exercise

We offer gymnastics classes and Ninjutsu classes for adults.

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  • All coaches are accredited, nationally-recognised and committed to child safety.
  • Pep Gymnastics is quality assured (including venue, equipment and child safety checks) and affiliated with Gymnastics Queensland.