At Pep Gymnastics we improve our members skills in their chosen discipline, strength, flexibility and coordination all within a safe and positive environment.

Holiday Program December 2020 and January 2021

The holiday program is a great opportunity to try out different programs or do some focused practice to improve skills. For details and registration go here

Display Day 2020

The information below has been emailed to all current members.

Note classes will run as normal on the morning of 28 November.


The Display Day is a fun event designed to give all children the opportunity to perform for their family and friends.  It will be an action packed afternoon with the gymnasts and acrobats performing short performances. After the displays there will be presentations to all of the performers.

The afternoon will be split into multiple sessions. Within each session gymnasts will be grouped with other gymnasts of the same class type and possibly one age group up or down. Gymnasts from the 1 hour classes – Introgym, Minigym, Fundamentals and Junior skills will perform circuits similar to what they do in class on floor, bars, beam and vault. Gymnasts and acrobats from the 1 hour classes Intermediate gym, Individual acrobatics, Development prep and all the 2 hour classes will perform short individual or small group performances on each apparatus.

All participants must be registered prior to the event and a preference of session time given. Where possible you will be booked into your preferred session but each session has a limited number of spaces available so you may be booked into your 2nd or 3rd choice depending on the number of registrations already received. Your expected time commitment for a session is approximately 45 minutes. The aim is to keep a family’s commitment to only 1 session (ie all children in the same session).

Session times:

  • Session 1 – 1:30 – 2:15pm (full)
  • Session 2 – 2:30 – 3:15pm
  • Session 3 – 3:30 – 4:15pm


  • Event date: Saturday 28 November
  • Registrations due by 21 November
  • Payment due by 26 November.

Cost: $10 per participant. After registering an invoice will be sent (may be a couple of days). Spectators are free but please note there will be limited seating due to spacing requirements.

Registration process: registrations have now closed.

Feedback form

An email was recently sent to all current members requesting feedback. If you missed it here is the link to providing feedback:

Feedback form


Dates for term 4

Gymnastics classes start Tuesday 6 Oct.

No classes Friday 9 Oct or Saturday 10 Oct as the school is using the hall.

No classes Saturday 31 Oct due to the election.

Last day of classes will be Saturday 5 Dec.

Information for members and parents term 4 2020

Before attending classes please read the information for members and parents regarding the current procedures.  Information to parents Term 4 2020

Registering for classes


Standing on beam in Gym Fundamentals class
Boys and girls gymnastics classes from kindergym up to Senior and Adult classes.

Learn more about Pep Gymnastics (including schedule)


acro trio tuck sit on feet with middle in front support
Our individual acrobatics classes include tumbling and other individual floor skills, and our partner acrobatics classes include balances, pyramids, partner throws and catches.

Learn more about Pep Acrobatics (including schedule)

Martial Arts – Ninjutsu

Pep ninjutsu class
Learn postures, blocks, strikes, evasions, breakfalls, throws, grappling, restraining and pressure points, following the Taijutsu syllabus of the Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura.

Learn more about Pep Martial Arts (including schedule)

Adult Exercise

We offer gymnastics classes and Ninjutsu classes for adults.

Learn more about Pep Adult Exercise (including schedule)

Holiday Program

The holiday program is a great opportunity to try out different programs or do some focused practice to improve skills.  The program will be offered December 2020 and January 2021.

Learn more about the Pep Holiday Program (including schedule)[/one_fourth_last]

  • All coaches are accredited, nationally-recognised and committed to child safety.
  • Pep Gymnastics is quality assured (including venue, equipment and child safety checks) and affiliated with Gymnastics Queensland.