At Pep Gymnastics we improve our members skills in their chosen discipline, strength, flexibility and coordination all within a safe and positive environment.

Information for members and parents term 3 2020

Before attending classes please read the information for members and parents regarding the current procedures.  Information to parents Term 3 2020

Classes starting in term 3 – Monday 13 July

We will be starting classes again in term 3, Monday 13 July 2020.  Please note there are some changes to the schedule to provide a 10 minute break between the busy classes for cleaning and to reduce the number of people around the entrance of the hall. There will be other changes to enable the club to operate within the State / National guidelines regarding COVID. These will be emailed to active members prior to the start of term.

The online registration for term 3 is now available.

Registering for classes


Standing on beam in Gym Fundamentals class
Boys and girls gymnastics classes from kindergym up to Senior and Adult classes.

Learn more about Pep Gymnastics (including schedule)


acro trio tuck sit on feet with middle in front support
Our individual acrobatics classes include tumbling and other individual floor skills, and our partner acrobatics classes include balances, pyramids, partner throws and catches.

Learn more about Pep Acrobatics (including schedule)

Martial Arts – Ninjutsu

Pep ninjutsu class
Learn postures, blocks, strikes, evasions, breakfalls, throws, grappling, restraining and pressure points, following the Taijutsu syllabus of the Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura.

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Adult Exercise

We offer gymnastics classes and Ninjutsu classes for adults.

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  • All coaches are accredited, nationally-recognised and committed to child safety.
  • Pep Gymnastics is quality assured (including venue, equipment and child safety checks) and affiliated with Gymnastics Queensland.