Individual Acrobatics

This program focuses on the floor curriculum which includes tumbling skills (such as cartwheels, roundoffs and forward handsprings) and other skills performed on the floor such as forward and backward rolls, handstands, walkovers, and leaps. Please note that on occasion the bars and beam may be used but only for strength and drills to support the development of the floor skills.

Partner Acrobatics

In this program the acrobats work with partners in groups or 2, 3 or more to develop skills in partner balances, pyramids, partner throws and catches. This program is suited to people with gymnastics experience. Participants in this program are expected to be also taking another class either Individual acrobatics or a gymnastics class. Due to the need to have a partner, a trial will be conducted at the beginning of each term to identify partners.


Women's pair standing on knees


trio tuck sit on feet with middle in front support

Age GroupProgram NameSession Times
7 years and older boys & girls
no experience required
Individual AcrobaticsWed 5:40-6:40pm;
Sat 11:10am-12:10 noon
10 years and older boys & girls
minimum skill level forward handspring & roundoff
Individual Acrobatics - AdvancedWed 6:40-7:40pm
7 years and older boys & girls
some gymnastics or acrobatics experience preferred
Partner AcrobaticsWed 5:40-6:40pm;
Sat 10:00-11:00am

Affiliated with Gymnastics Queensland:
acrobatic gymnastics