Students from any school are welcome to join Pep Gymnastics.

We are no longer taking registrations for term 4.

Registrations for term 1 2021 are now open.

Enrolment Instructions/Process

  • The online registration process reserves a place in the class, no payment is required.
  • Invoices will be sent via email a couple of weeks prior to the term. Invoices for registrations made part way through a term will be sent with the confirmation email.
  • Select the class you would like. If the class you select has no vacancy you will be placed on the waiting list and notified of any change.  Please note a vacancy may be displayed until a pending registration is processed.
  • Only go to a class if you have received the confirmation of enrolment (not just the automatically generated email that the registration process was successful).
  • Please allow at least 1 day to receive the confirmation. (ie if you register an hour prior to a class it is unlikely to be processed in time)
  • Parent details are entered first then student/child details.
  • Selection on ‘marketing emails’ – this refers to information regarding upcoming terms and programs sent to inactive customers (those that do not have any students enrolled).  This means if you do not have any children enrolled and you are unsubscribed you will not receive any information about upcoming terms.
  • Please ensure the date of birth registers correctly.
  • Click ‘Submit all details‘ at the end.
  • An email will be sent automatically to confirm the registration process has been completed successfully. If you do not receive this email we have not received your registration.
  • We will send a follow up email to confirm enrolment into the class or provide alternatives if the class is full.
  • Club communications are sent from admin@pepgymnastics.com.au – Please ensure your email program is set up so you received these emails.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Bookings are only for a term. Re-enrolment is required each term. Reminders are sent at the end of each term.
  • You have the option of setting up a customer portal which allows you to update your details, enrol for classes, see invoices etc. This option is recommended as it means you will not have to re enter details for future terms. When you click on the link below and select ‘view in customer portal’ there should be an option to register (do this on a computer first, once set up you can set up the phone app). For anyone already in the database you should be able to access your existing record and not have to re enter details.


  • To book in for a trial please register via the link below (use full enrolment). If there is space you will be booked into the class.
  • Details on payment for trials are included in the confirmation email.
  • Please let us know after your trial if you would like to continue or not. To avoid overbooking a place is reserved for the term. If you decide not to continue please let us know so the place can be offered to someone else.

How to Enrol

  • Please note ‘vacancy’ numbers provide an indication of availability but can change (eg someone changes days). We may also ‘open’ more places based on demand (if space and staffing permit).
  • If the class is full you will be placed on the waiting list and notified when a place becomes available.
  • If you are available on multiple days please put this in the notes or email us so you can be booked into the first available space.
  • Please note: booking into a development class is by recommendation of a coach (to confirm minimum skill level) . Email us if you are wanting a development class.
  • Registration link is HERE